60 Sec Video Artist Tutorial Series No. 1: David MacDowell Paints Hair

We are happy to announce a brand new daily painting tutorial series by David MacDowell highlighting some of his unique acrylic painting techniques, tips, and tricks. The videos will be a quick 45-60 seconds in length, and will be showcased everyday starting January 29, 2016, both on his website, http://macdowellstudio.com as well as on his YouTube channel. In today’s painting video tutorial, Dave MacDowell shows us his technique for painting hair and hair strands on his new acrylic masterpiece:

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Masters of Lowbrow Episode 3.5 “Come Play With Us, Stanley” Kubrick Painting by @DavidMacDowell

Dave MacDowell gets ready to paint his latest work for the Stanley Kubrick show. Dave explains mixing flesh tones and setting up his pallet. Enjoy!