“Littletopia at the LA Art Show 2015” by beautifulbizarre.net


David MacDowell is featured in this article by Decadence Darling under the Thinkspace heading:

“…Who caught my eyes was the work of David MacDowell. David’s lowbrow assault on popular culture is both humorous and absurd—but honestly, the subject matter makes you question whether the artistic depiction is more absurd or the literal subject matter itself, such as Kanye Kardashian. The infamous prima donna couple is warped into one juicy ego in the painting that portrays the recent controversial photo shoot of Kim posing nude. In another painting David interprets the fairly modern mythology of Alice in Wonderland, exposing the children’s story for all the corruption of innocence that is pregnant in its meaning. Alice in Wonderland is quite appropriate as in many of his paintings David illustrates an adventure into mayhem. The social apocalyptic commentary is abundant of celebrity icons, film references, drugs, and many other opiates for the masses.”

Read the full article by Decadence Darling here…

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