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July: “The New Order” 99% Gallery- Brooklyn, NY
July:”Lead Poisoning” Last Rites Gallery-New York, NY
July: “Album Cover Show”, Hyaena Gallery – Burbank, CA
July: “Summer of Love”, Dirty Pilot
July: “Crazy 4 Cult 4″, Gallery 1988 – Los Angeles, CA
June: “Culver City Artwalk Featured Artist”-Thinkspace Gallery-Los Angeles,CA
June: “Fables & Follies”, Alternative Cafe, Seaside, CA
June: “It’s Not a Toy, It’s an Action Figure”, Bear and Bird Gallery – Florida
June: “Thinkspace/London Show”, London Miles Gallery UK
May: “Group Show”, The Hive – Los Angeles, CA
Apr: “The Lunchbox Show”, Alcove Gallery – Decatur, GA
Apr: “We’re Gunna Eat You 2″, Mint Gallery – Atlanta, GA
Apr: “NEX.GEN Twenty Ten”, Ronin Gallery – Los Angeles, CA
Apr: “Vision”, Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angeles, CA
Apr: “Triptych”, Compound Gallery – Portland, OR
Mar: “Dave MacDowell/Augie Pagan”, Flatcolor Gallery – Seattle, WA
Mar: “Lucid Dream”, The Alternative Cafe – Seaside, CA
Jan: “MiseryLand”, Dirty Pilot – Cochituate, MA
Jan: “Dark Pop 2.0″, Last Rites Gallery – New York, NY
Jan: “A Cry For Help”, Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angeles, CA


Dec: “Sub1K:California Style”, Distinction Gallery – Escondido, CA
Dec: “Old Schoolin’ Show’ and “Feminality Show”, Art Basel
Dec: ”TWOTHOUSANDTEN”, Flatcolor Gallery – Seattle, WA
Nov: “The Broken Promise Of The Fling Car”, MModern Gallery – Palm Springs, CA
Oct: “Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine Auction”, Los Angeles , CA
Sept: “Solo Show”, Alcove Gallery
Aug: “Scientific Evolution”, Distinction Art – Escondido, CA
Aug: “Monsters of Pop”, Gallery 1988 LA
July: “Crazy 4 Cult 3-D”, Gallery 1988 LA
June: “Big Tuna”, Alcove Arts
June: “Boards and Graphics”, A Bitchin Space – Sacramento, CA
May: “I Heart L.A., Upper Playground – Los Angeles, CA
May: “Canceptual (v3)”, Crewest Gallery – Los Angeles
May: “Stoked Sessions”, Upper Playground – Los Angeles
April: “We Are Going to Eat You”, Mint Gallery – Atlanta, GA
April:“Mad Magazine Show” Gallery at East Atlanta
Mar: solo show, Thinkspace Gallery – Los Angeles, CA
Mar: “This is the End..”, The Alternative Cafe – Monterey, CA
Mar: “Everything But The Kitschen Sync”, La Luz De Jesus – Los Angeles, CA
Jan: “Delineations”, drawing group show, Ad Hoc Art – Brooklyn, NY
Jan: ”Under the Influence, Tribute to Beastie Boys”, Gallery 1988 SF


Dec: “Attack Of The Kaiju Monster” Harold Golen/Art Basel
Dec: “Vanguard Art Fair” Thinkspace/Art Basel
Dec: “Hank Of Oz” Alcove Contemporary Arts Gallery
Dec: “Bedtime Stories”/”Pin-Ups and Pistons”/El Dia De Los Muerto’s” Gallery at East Atlanta
Oct: “Carnival of 5 Fires”, Gallery 5 – Richmond, VA
Sept: “Dark Pop”, Last Rites Gallery – New York, NY
Aug: “Crazy 4 Cult 2″, Gallery 1988 – Los Angeles, CA
Aug: “The Circus Show”, A Bitchin Space – Sacramento, CA
July: “4 on the Floor”, Gallery at East Atlanta Tattoo – Atlanta, GA
June: “Monster Mayhem”, Gallery at East Atlanta Tattoo – Atlanta, GA
June: “Hukilau Tiki Art Show”, Harold Golen Gallery – Miami, FL
Apr: “Master Reborn”, Compound Gallery – Portland, OR
March: “Attack of the B Movie Show”, Space Gallery – San Francisco, CA
Jan: “Deep Pop”, Last Rites Gallery – New York, NY


Dec-Ongoing: Art Whino Gallery – Alexandria, VA
Oct: group show, “The Art of Living”, Grandby Street Gallery – Norfolk, VA
Aug-Sept: group show, “Significant Expressions”, Portlock Galleries – Chesapeake, VA
Apr-Jun: “The New World” Juried Exhibition, Charles H Taylor Arts Center – Hampton, VA, ***3rd Place
Apr: “Pictures at an Exhibition”, Chrysler Hall – The Ferguson Center
Mar-Jun: “By Our Heirs Forever: New Waves 2007″, Contemporary Art Center of VA
Jan: “Significant Expressions”, TAA Member Exhibition, Suffolk Museum. ***Best In Show


Oct-Dec: “Tiny Treasures”, TAA Miniature Exhibition, Hermitage Foundation Museum – Norfolk, VA
Jul-Sept: 24th Annual Bay Days Juried Exhibition.
Apr-Jun: “Flying High”, Juried Themed Exhibition, Charles H. Taylor Art Center – Hampton, VA